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From all accounts, the SCCTM's 42nd Annual Conference was a success and our nearly 850 participants left ready to spread the word in keeping with the theme of sowing a seed to change the world of mathematics. While our organization's president, Leigh Martin, thanked everyone for attending the conference, she also expressed appreciation to the many volunteers. As I listened to the presentations, the conversations, and the discussions over the three days of our annual conference, I left ready do whatever I can to promote the good work our organization. From the opening session where Luke Dollar took us on a trip to Madagascar to Eric Milou’s closing plea for all of us to begin reinventing and reimagining mathematics classrooms, and everything in between, we were inspired and challenged to change the world of mathematics. 

The challenge begins here in South Carolina. Where we all ask ourselves are we really where we want to be? Are our students where we want them to be? I was honored to share on Wednesday to close the SCLME meeting and posed some questions to get the conversation going this year and I offer them to you and your colleagues.

  •    What can I do personally to help change the perception of mathematics? 
  •    What can I do professionally to help others see mathematics differently? 
  •    What can I encourage the SCLME and SCCTM to do to scale up their advocacy efforts? 
  •    What major issue(s) facing mathematics teachers w

The answers to these questions will begin a discussion that needs to take place in schools across the state. As an organization, we have an opportunity to engage our communities in a long awaited dialogue to seriously address some of the lingering systemic issues facing our schools. Issues of access to high quality teaching and learning of mathematics, implementing strategies designed to close the academic achievement gap that has grown over the past few years, and placing an emphasis on authenticity—using mathematics to solve real, genuine, meaningful problems that take place in an atmosphere of community, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. We also have a responsibility to address issues related to our students’ mathematical identity and agency.

These are some of the issues that the SCCTM would like to help facilitate during the coming year. We need to assume our roles as advocates and ambassadors for what we would like played out in classrooms across the state, as described by eight mathematical teaching practices in Principles to Actions. Join us on a journey to help communities begin to see mathematics differently.

As an organization, we will work to address the systemic issues of access, the achievement gap, accountability, agency, authenticity, and advocacy. We are already beginning to look toward next year’s conference in Columbia. Until then, consider reaching out to board members and seeking out volunteer opportunities, including applying for a scholarship or grant. We trust our path will cross again soon.

Here’s to a wonderful new year

Marc Drews

SCCTM President




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