2021 SCCTM Fall Conference

Special Agents of Δ Academy

 November 11 - 12, 2021

Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center

in Columbia, South Carolina


Proposal Deadline is August 30, 2021

The idea of “change” within the context of the 2021 SCCTM Annual Conference and Business Meeting in Columbia, SC, addresses multiple ideas because, if nothing else, COVID-19 has forced us all to make changes. In addition to the idea that the entirety of the field of education has had to make significant change, we’d like to use components of the key recommendations from NCTM’s Catalyzing Change: Initiating Critical Conversations as a guide for the conference theme. In the proposal form, you will enter a title (no more than 90 characters) and a session description (no more than 350 characters) which will be available to participants for determining which sessions they’d like to attend. Your executive board would like each proposal to include a brief statement (no more than 350 characters) telling us how your presentation considers one of the questions below. We thank you for your willingness to share your experiences and expertise!

  1. Purpose

    1. What do you incorporate in your lessons to help learners define a purpose and/or personal connection for doing the math we’re doing (or using the resources we’re using)?

    2. Where do you incorporate beauty and wonder in your mathematics teaching/environment?

    3. What technologies are we finding particularly purposeful in the classroom?

  1. Equity

    1. What can we do instead of tracking/grouping to create equity? 

    2. How are you supporting students to identify themselves as “doers, knowers, and sense-makers” in mathematics?

    3. How do you support learners in creating a positive belief about their abilities to successfully learn mathematics?

    4. What are ways you have used technology to create an even playing field for all students?

    5. Are there particular technology resources which you find particularly helpful as a teacher in monitoring student progress?

  1. Deepening understanding as learners of mathematics and as teachers

    1. How do we use the Practices (South Carolina’s Processes) within the lessons we teach or to connect content between grade levels? 

    2. What instructional strategies have you found to be most effective in supporting learning outside of procedural/rote processes?

    3. Do you have a strategy you’ve used to engage learners and create excitement in learning particular content which you’ve found to deepen student learning?

    4. What technologies have you discovered or used as a tool for deepening mathematics understanding?

  1. Beyond mathematics…

    1. Everything has changed! What have you found as a success?

    2. What assessment methods have you found to be particularly useful?

Speaker Proposal Google Form for 2021 Submissions



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